Eddie Jorgensen

Indie-rock outfit Dungeons & Drag Queens will celebrate its brand-spankin’ new album, Meat N’ Potatoes, with a CD release party at Old Ironsides this Monday. Tickets are $10 and the show starts at 8:30 p.m. Danko Jones, the Lords of Altamont and Mother’s Little Helper are also slated to perform. Jorgensen, the drummer for DDQ and a weekly contributor to this here publication, submitted this week’s Playlist. Find more info and sample some tunes by Dungeons & Drag Queens at www.myspace.com/ddqrocks.

1. “Coliseum Rock”
by Starz (from Coliseum Rock)

2. “Systematic Abuse”
by the Fall (from Reformation Post-TLC)

3. “Crimson Ballroom”
by the Hellacopters (from Cream of the Crap!, Vol. 1)

4. “Chains”
by Collision (from Collision)

5. “Trapezium Procession”
by Nebula (from Apollo)