Sonny Iverson

Sacramento, the band, must like Metallica. After all, the Playlist the band’s bassist submitted consists solely of songs by that heavy-metal outfit. A self-described guerrilla-rock band, Sacramento employs portable instruments (Tupperware drum set, anyone?) and equipment that allows them to play whenever and wherever. Catch ’em next at Del Taco, 3027 K Street, on June 9. They promised that if SN&R plugged the show, they’d cover a Metallica song. Awesome. The show is free, so you can use your hard-earned cash to buy tacos and fries.

1. “One”
from …And Justice for All

2. “Master of Puppets”
from Master of Puppets

3. “Ride the Lightning”
from Ride the Lightning

4. “Seek and Destroy”
from Kill ’Em All

5. “Whiplash”
from Kill ’Em All