Madeline Roa

“As you can see, my musical taste is all over the map,” explains local singer-songwriter Madeline Roa, whose influences read like a Lilith Fair lineup. It’s not hard to imagine Roa, armed with her emotionally charged lyrics and sweet voice, performing as part of the now-defunct festival. Visit Roa’s YouTube site,, for an intimate rendition of “Something Worth Keeping,” which she recorded at home with a Web cam. The sound’s not that stellar, but die-hard fans won’t want to miss it.

1. “Failed Attempt”
by Justin Farren (from The Sound of Flight)

2. “Destiny”
by Lenny Kravitz (from Baptism)

3. “decree”
by Ani DiFranco (from Reprieve)

4. “Destiny”
by Zero 7 (from Simple Things)

5. “Drive”
by Incubus (from Make Yourself)