Canine and dine

As a brand-new dog owner who still loves to go out and eat, I’ve suddenly become a lot more aware of places I can take my dog. But I’ve noticed the total lack of good behavior on the part of dog owners when it comes to their best friends. (No! Bad owner! No latte for you!)

If your dog makes a mess, it is your job to clean it, not the waiter’s. (The first time I saw someone just leave it there under the table for the waiter or next customer to discover, I was too shocked to speak.)

Bring a collapsible dish for water. If the restaurant can provide one, then that’s kind of them and a plus for excellent service, but they aren’t required, so don’t feel indignant if they say no.

Have a toy handy and some treats to keep the pooch occupied. It saves you and every other diner a bit of headache, which brings me to the last note: Your dog should be socially trained. Your dog should not walk up to other diners to beg for food, petting or anything else. He needs to sit at your side and nowhere else. If he sits quietly, but needs be muzzled to not bite someone, he shouldn’t be at a crowded restaurant at all.