Kickin’ spices

Paneer and curry leaves aren’t the easiest things to find. Heck, you’ll be hard-pressed to find them at even high-end specialty markets. However, take a small trip to the Arden area along Fulton Avenue, and you’ll come across Kaveri Indian Grocery.

Even if you’re not looking for curry leaves, many Sacramento cooks have discovered one of the true secrets of Kaveri, and that is its spice selection. Spices like fenugreek and black mustard seeds are sold in massive packages for very good prices. You’re even guaranteed to find a few things that are probably completely new to you (unless you’re already familiar with Indian cuisine).

An assortment of ready-to-make ramens and premade sauces are also available, though I imagine it’s only time before they find their way into the ethnic aisles of Save Mart Supermarkets everywhere.

Next door is Kaveri Madras Cuisine. It’s a bit pricey, but well worth it, as the kormas are kickin’, and the curries are so fragrantly spiced, it will drive you back to the grocery store to pick up supplies so you can attempt making the dishes at home.