Bushspeak Volume 2: Fore More Years

George W. Bush

As G.W.B.’s reign of error winds down, we’re treated to a second volume of his malapropisms and incomprehensible mutterings. The sound bites take up just 23 minutes, but it seems like 23 years. Bush may be the most unintentionally funny president we’ve ever had, but the joke’s on us. The alleged witticisms are overdubbed with snippets of patriotic music, maybe as an ironic statement, but like so much else, irony is lost on our leader. He stutters like Porky Pig, laughs at his own jokes and delivers lines like: “Believe me, I know how tough [the war in Iraq] is. I’ve talked to the families that died.” This is a fitting tribute to the lamest lame-duck president, but hearing these quips the first time around was already bad enough.