This emcee from Woodland, Calif., has been on the grind for years, and his third CD Anticipation displays the work of a competent writer with an enlightening flare for the dysfunctional and obnoxious. Anxious works well with the endlessly talented producer E.C., whose infatuation with ’70s soul provides a dynamic soundscape for the emcee to work with. Anxious succeeds when he ventures out of the A/B rhyme-style comfort zone (which can wear thin at times) and lets loose, as evidenced on “How We Do,” a mind-boggling old-school delight with a guest spot by the always entertaining Big Sammy. Some tracks like “No Patience,” with looped guitar licks and odious vocals, are unforgettable, while others, like “The Rap Card,” fade gently into the background. However, tracks like “Where is Hip-Hop” is what Anxious is all about: great story-telling and one very curious imagination.