Time Again

Darker Days

On Darker Days, Time Again’s sophomore effort, the band miraculously manages to cram 14 distinctly powerful anthems onto one disc. Opening with the ridiculously catchy “Day Like This,” it only gets better; on each track, Daniel Dart’s gravelly vocals send us back to the days of old Bad Religion and Rancid, even reaching Ian MacKaye levels of angst and pitch on “You’re Goin’ Down.” From the minimalist guitar riffs of “Soon it Will Be” to the hookier “Lines are Faded,” Time Again keeps its roots close to the gutter, bringing enough honesty and melody to keep the music fresh and interesting—thankfully, no jaunts into unplugged folk or electro-dance, just good old-fashioned street punk. At 32 minutes, this gritty, suspenseful album is like a gnarly brat of a kid you just can’t get enough of.