Mic Jordan


With 23 tracks and almost 20 different producers, Leviathan can’t help but be eclectic. From the first verse—“I’ve been told that I’m an old soul / It’s not that exactly / It’s just this world is so cold, / you gotta be wise just to have a chance to grow old”—it’s clear that Mic Jordan is an emcee who steps beyond rap writing and ventures boldly into hip-hop poetry. From Daddy Longlegs’ flute-laced beat on “Fa Sho” to 26 Hours’ action movie-esque production on “Until the Day,” this album is a gold mine for fans of real hip-hop. The star of this album, of course, is Mic Jordan, who consistently displays trademark wisdom combined with stunning wordplay on each track. If for one second you doubt the talent of Sacramento emcees and producers, find this album and be silenced for good.