Various Artists

Latin Reggae

Like hip-hop, reggae has morphed into an international style that adapts to any situation and culture. Like most Putumayo collections, the tracks here tend toward the easy-listening end of the spectrum, but there are enough surprises to keep you on your toes. Puerto Rico’s Cultura Profética drops a bit of Cuban piano into their rootsy, loping rendition of “Reggae Rustico.” Go Lem System blends hip-hop, blue-beat horns, roots guitar and harmony vocals on “Pura Sangre.” Brooklyn’s Ticklah transforms Eddie Palmieri’s “Si Hecho Palante” into a reverb soaked bit of dub-wise reggae salsa. Jazzy processed guitar lines, soulful female vocals and a relaxed ska backbeat make Amparanoia’s “Ven” a winner, while a reverberating Jew’s harp adds unexpected rhythmic accents to Sarazino’s funky “Desbaratado.”