Breakfast bundle

Denver Crepe, Crepes and Burgers

Illustration by TK

Turning breakfast into edible parcels has been a human obsession for ages. Hot Pockets, Pop Tarts—these are noble efforts, but when it comes to actually tasting good, they fall short. For the longest time, I thought the perfect breakfast bundle didn’t exist, until I discovered Crepes and Burgers’ hearty Denver Crepe ($13), essentially a delicious omelet cozily ensconced within the folds of a light, fluffy pancake. Stuffed to the brim with layers of chopped green peppers, onions, ham, scrambled eggs and cheddar cheese, it’s less an “on-the-go” type breakfast, and more of the “sit-and-savor” variety, one that isn’t complete without a side of well-seasoned house potatoes. 8000 Auburn Blvd in Citrus Heights, —Rachel Mayfield