Book Mooch

According to one SN&R editor, I can read a book in the time it takes to edit a review of one. Books do pile up at home. What to do with those I’ve bought, read, reviewed and stacked in a corner? Trade them for more books! Book Mooch is a book-swapping site that allows you to accrue points by giving away books, then spend points on books you want. I gave away Kunstler’s The Long Emergency. I mooched The Poems of Marianne Moore. I gave away Saramago’s Blindness. I mooched Merwin’s new translation of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. The only cost is postage, which averages $2 a book. Unlike some other book-swapping sites, Book Mooch has no user fee, and points also can be donated to charity. Of course, my stacks aren’t really getting smaller, but urban-bookworm décor suits me well.