Because we can’t afford houses with yards, SN&R staffers are cat people, and friends send links to everything from Kittenwar! to Cats in Sinks. Here’s a site where feline fascists rule. Yes, they’re cats that look like Hitler. Called “Kitlers,” some are more convincing than others. Is there a genetic marker for kitty goose-steppers? A connection to Art Spiegelman’s Maus? In any case, all those cats with little black mustaches nestled beneath beady, glaring eyes are unnerving. Responses vary, from those who love Kitlers (“Katzen über alles!”) to those who suspect a fascination with pets resembling mass murderers is more than slightly sick. Because nothing can make the Nazis look cuddly, it’s gotta be a slur on the good name of cats—but gee, some of them really do look like … you know. Him.