The Antique Corset Gallery

Except for a very brief period of freedom in the ’70s, those body parts I refer to as “the girls” have been both supported and tortured by a variety of either stylishly painful (cleavage-enhancing underwires) or unflatteringly comfortable (sports bras) “foundation garments.” Ask any working woman: The first thing off when you come through the door is the pantyhose, followed by the bra. But just to remind those of us who can’t wait to remove those pesky tit slings, here’s a site that details just how bad it used to be. Stays of wood or whalebone, high lines beyond what us short chicks could imagine—the horror! Of course, some will find these items—particularly the late Victorian, with satin, bows and dark, seductive colors—more arousing than frightening. Try wearing ’em all day, bub.