Arnold Space Inveigher

Governor Girlie Man’s inventory of bobble heads includes one of Schwarzenegger in a pink dress holding an automatic rifle—for which the company already has been sued by the guv’s legal beagles, who were unable to put the company out of business. It must have to do with the tireless self-promotion. In spite of the site’s commercial nature, though, the recent addition of a game is worth noting. If nothing else, it’s incredibly addictive, at least for those of us old enough to have been hooked by the arcade original Space Invaders. In the “Arnold Space Inveigher” version, a variety of Schwarzenegger caricatures replaces the traditional spaceships, and players score points by blowing him away. Because it’s entirely Web-based, there’s nothing to download, and time-wasting can pass itself off as political venting.