Like Elvis, I’ve occasionally felt the urge to shoot out a screen or two, which is why I revel in this twisted Web site. Netdisaster—subtitled “Destroy the web!”—allows users to select a means of destruction and use it on most-loathed Web sites. In my case, that meant sending meteors down on the Rev. Fred Phelps’ site God Hates Fags. But I also spent a few minutes watching mold grow on the Fox News Web site, spilling coffee on the folks at Focus on the Family and shooting up CNN with a gun. Some methodologies allow the user to control the carnage—pull the trigger, if you will—while others operate at their own rate. Among the weapons are alien attacks, dinosaurs’ stomping feet, graffiti, floods, fire, the hand of God almighty and, yes, dog poop. Want to guess what I did to the Bee?