The Museum of Bad Album Covers

From the merely wacky to the truly offensive, this site gathers bad album covers in one place. The museum’s contents vary from the hilarious to the sublime to the absolutely, utterly gross. Such scatological designs as Millie Jackson’s Back to the shit! (and there is no one—repeat—no one who looks good sitting on a toilet) might seem to be the worst in stock—but the site’s designers have helpfully assembled a list of the Top Ten Worst Album Covers of All Time. Some are funny ha-ha (Ken—by request only), some are funny weird (Dear Mother…A Bouquet That Never Wilts) and some are just stupid (Dethkorps’ Metal Tit). But the most disturbing of all is the uncontested No. 1—the incredibly misogynist cover of the Scorpions’ Virgin Killer. Ewww.