A Christmas Carol

Every era has its ghosts.

Every era has its ghosts.

A Christmas Carol? Again? How many can there be? Who cares! A chance to see a family classic onboard Sacramento’s beautiful Delta King on the Old Sacramento riverfront is more than reason enough to brave the chilly winter air.

“Aside from the obvious opportunity to bring first-time audience members to our still new theater, it also is the time of year when the entire family can come to our theater and celebrate both the holidays and the magic of live theater,” says Stephanie Gularte, artistic director for the Delta King Theater.

Presented in a narrative style originally adapted for the Solano College Theater in 1999 by local actress and director Christine Nicholson, the show keeps the traditional characters and moments that we have come to love and expect from this timeless classic while book-ending the story with scenes of modern-day.

Staged by local production company Synergy Stage, the show is directed by David Harris and stars Elly award-winning actor Blair Leatherwood as Scrooge.

Leatherwood won an Elly award for his performance in The Lisbon Traviata for Lambda Players, and his most recent production was The Tempest for the Sacramento Shakespeare Festival, in which he played Prospero.

Leatherwood is joined by performers Maggie Upton, Katherine Pappa, Lori Ann Delappe, John Lewitzke, Nygel Ellis and James Roberts. The show also features George Schau, fresh from the principal role in the well-received Marvin’s Room.

A Christmas Carol plays at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday, 2 p.m. Sunday through Dec. 31. Call for ticket prices. Delta King Theatre, 1000 Front St., Old Sacramento. 995-5464.