Issue: June 30, 2016

Morning, readers!

Is it hot enough for you? Good news is, it's summer and that means

heading to the creek ... and beyond, to the natural wonders that are our

national parks. As you may know, 2016 marks the centennial for the

National Park System. So, in its honor, we offer a story highlighting

all the ways we can help preserve those parks for another 100 years

while still enjoying their natural beauty. Enjoy.

In other news: We check in with the new developers behind a newly

designed Meriam Park--that hip, mixed-use neighborhood set to sprout up

near the new courthouse in Chico; Walmart is back in the public eye, and

local residents ad businesses have a deadline of Aug. 1 to submit

comments on the environmental impact report. Also, Arts Devo offers his

annual list of summer jams to keep you rollin' through the hottest season.

Until next week,

Meredith J. Cooper, managing editor