Issue: December 26, 2013

Good day-after-Christmas!

No Newslines this week because it's the CN&R's Year in Review issue, which is always fun to read. Our "Top 10 of 2013" features some of the expected suspects--the city's budget problems, homelessness, pot and the Saturday-morning downtown farmers' market--as well as several other just-as-newsworthy topics. Of course, go straight from reading the Top 10 to the dozen other notable stories of the past year, and then get a good chuckle and a couple of head scratches out of our "What Were They Thinking?" collection of short items.

Assistant News Editor Howard Hardee offers a timely Healthlines feature story, "Kicking the 'winter blues,'" a piece about seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Our Greenways feature--"Sustainable at the supermarket?"--by regular contributor Evan Tuchinsky, interviews two local food experts on how supermarket shoppers can make the most healthful, sustainable choices.

More 2013 wrap-up in the Arts & Culture section: contributor Juan-Carlos Selznick's "2013: year in film" and Arts DEVO's 2013 DEVO Awards. Read Streetalk in the print version of the paper--the question asked was: "What's the best thing that happened to you in 2013?" And--a nod to the upcoming new year--Arts Editor Jason Cassidy foreshadows the CN&R's "Keep Chico Weird" talent show with his piece, "Chico: still good and weird."

Hope you're having a wonderful holiday season!

Christine G.K. LaPado-Breglia, associate editor