You won’t have Tim Bousquet to kick around anymore!

It couldn’t be more official: Tim Bousquet is leaving Chico (hold the applause for the end, thank you). Who will ever forget the bearded, long-haired “hippie” Tim, who became president of the Associated Students, or the bearded “Che” Tim, who would storm Wally Herger’s office? What about the erudite Tim who owned a newsstand? I would go in every day, and Tim would follow me around, making sure I didn’t stuff any magazines in my pants. And there was the shorter-haired Tim who ran for City Council. And then there was the most recent incarnation of Tim, pulling his hair out as he tried to do a weekly paper, by himself, that would give one of the most honest and interesting reflections of Chico ever published. Give this guy some Alka-Seltzer!

Just like burritos and beer, all good things must come to an end, but not before a public humiliation takes place. This Saturday night, Nov. 9 at 7 p.m. at Moxie’s Café, it’s a fondue farewell party for Tim (admission $10; c’mon, cough it up!). It’s going to be hysterical. I mean, look at the line-up. Peter Berkow playing music? Someone should notify Ripley’s that this guy still has a pulse. Councilmember Dan Nguyen-Tan is the evening’s MC? Hey Dan, just because you went to Harvard doesn’t make you Margaret Cho. Tom Gascoyne as a “roaster"? This guy’s idea of fun is standing in front of his house and raking the sidewalk. Whoopee!! But seriously folks, come and have a good time, just don’t establish eye contact with Kelly Meagher, as he’s been known to “snap.” Sorry, I was channeling Don Rickles …

Hat’s off to Ajamu Lamumba at the A.S., who provided an amazing season of music this fall. From De La Soul to Mutabaruka, Ajamu rocked the campus. And at a show so good even I’ll be there, Yonder Mountain String Band is playing the BMU on Nov. 12. They’ve played the park, Lasalles and Stormy’s over the years, but now they sell out the Fillmore and the Warfield. It’s bluegrass, and it kicks ass.

And now that Halloween’s over, you can get dressed up and walk downtown without being hosed down, so let the fun begin! And this is premature, but rumor has it that the cops are talking about canceling Christmas. Meanwhile, in stately Bidwell Mansion, local heroines the Batbabes are going to take matters into their own hands. Stay tuned.

Tim may be on his way out, but you’ve still got me: