‘You wanna hear a song?’

Tony T.

Photo By Tom Angel

If you’ve ever been out on the town at night, at some point you likely had a reason to visit the downtown 7-Eleven. As you passed the Abbey Road mural of the Beatles, you might have heard the fellow standing there ask, “You wanna hear a song?” Most late-nighters don’t, but Tony T. doesn’t much mind. “All right, bro, have a good one,” he says. Despite the fact that his guitars keep disappearing ("I’ve lost four guitars, and I’ve been here a year") Mr. T. has yet to give up his spot on the 100 block of Main Street.

Are you out here every night?

Every night. This is my office.

Is it fun?

Well, it beats the shit out of starving to death.

Do people ever bother you?

Oh yeah, I get bothered quite a bit.


Drunk people, “Hey Tony, can I have some change?”

Where’d you get that guitar?

This is a loaner. Patrick over at 7-Eleven gave me this.

Do you play requests?


What’s the most requested song?

[Motioning toward the Beatles mural on the wall] I hang with the Beatles, so a lot of people wanna hear the Beatles.

What’s the wildest thing you’ve seen out here?

Just a lot of fights…

Are the tips good?

It’s all right.

What’s your favorite song ever?

I don’t have a favorite. I like a lot of different music.