The clown captain

Captain Bubbles

Photo By Tom Angel

Some 13 years ago, the man who would become a clown became fed up with working as a laborer and decided to do something more creative, and so the persona of Captain Bubbles was born. Now he dances with fire, spins plates and makes his signature bubbles all over the Northstate. Somehow, he manages to find clown work even without looking much like a clown. He wears no makeup and flaunts a long ponytail. The good captain refused to share his real name because, as he put it, the “evil forces could be jealous” about his success.

Who likes your show the most?

Most ages between 4 and 10; those are the golden ages. I do stuff to them that’s very magical. I don’t do magic tricks, because it seems like you’re fooling kids.

Do kids find you interesting even without make-up?

Absolutely. Number one because I act like a clown, and number two, I used to do make-up, then I stopped because kids wouldn’t come out of their rooms for their party. I felt bad, so I stopped doing it. When you’re coming in their home, then they’re like, “This thing knows where I live.” It’s not like they’re at Chuck. E. Cheese and then come home afterwards.

What other jobs have you had?

I’ve been a carpenter, landscaper, mostly a laborer. My smarts aren’t in the books.

Why become a clown?

I was doing termite-[control] work, and I said I’ve got to do something different. I learned to make giant bubbles. I fell in love with people saying “Wow!” So I started doing everything to make them say, “Wow!” When I found out I was responsible for that, I knew it was the best job on earth.

Are you self-employed?

My girlfriend that I live with, it’s her business. She just kind of swooped up all the stuff I didn’t like, and I could do the creative part. It was my business for a while.

Have you had a lot of free weekends lately?

I’ve had quite a few off; maybe I’ve just done everybody’s party. In other words, if I was a car salesman, I’ve sold everyone a car.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I’ll be doing this for the rest of my life. If I’m stopped for some reason by an evil force, I’ll teach. I’m almost a master at [clowning].