Floater’s finest fan

Crystal Moeller

Photo By Josh Indar

We noticed Crystal Moeller sitting in a black canvas folding chair outside the entrance to the Brick Works for two days in a row. There was a sign on the side of the Works that said “Floater,” referring to the band that often plays the popular club. Moeller, 20, is from Chico. Floater, formed in 1993, is from Eugene, Ore. Moeller said she’s tried to see the band in its hometown, in Ashland and once in Sacramento, but her road trip plans have always gone awry. But here in Chico on these two days, she would not be denied.

How long have you been here?

I was here yesterday from 9:30 in the morning until the show ended. And then today I was here at around 10 o’clock [a.m.].

What is it that you like about the band?

They are a little bit of a mix of everything, they have soft songs, harder songs; they are very eclectic. They have a different style that is all of their own. You can’t really categorize them and they’ve stuck with doing their own thing they haven’t really signed onto any major labels because they want to stay original, which is something that I love about them a lot. They are dedicated to their fans and being their own thing rather then making a profit, which I admire a lot.

How did you learn about them?

Through friends that have stuck with them even longer than I have. Since my first show, I’ve not missed one since. [Except for the ones mentioned above.]

When was your first show?

In the summertime, about three or four years ago.

What is your favorite Floater song?

My favorite Floater song is “Enlist,” which is a two-part song: “Enlist 1” and “Enlist 2.” It has two parts. The first one is soft, very pretty melody-type thing and then the second one’s a little bit harder, but they go together. It kind of sums them up in the sense that it’s both sides of them.

Do you know where they got their name?

'Cause they float along. They are not like in any one place. They are always changing, always evolving and it’s kind of where, as far as I know, where they came up with their name. They’re not very specific.