One more year

Evin VanOutryve

Photo By Tom Gascoyne

Evin VanOutryve is a fifth-year senior English major from Salinas. We found him sitting on the porch near downtown with a couple of buddies on a late Friday afternoon, the weekend before classes resumed. As we talked, a black SUV carrying a couple of college women passed by, slowed down and one of them yelled out the window, “We’ll come by later!” This came much to the delight of those gathered on the porch.

[Disclosure: Our interview with Evin probably took less than a minute.]

Why did you come to Chico?

I heard all my friends were coming here and I heard it was the place to, uh, party [laughs with fellow porch-sitters].

With an English major, are you going to teach?

Yeah, well, no. I want to be a writer. Novels.

Have you written fiction?

I’m working on one right now.

A book?

Yeah, it’s my own book. [Nods head to gesture that the manuscript lies somewhere inside the house.]

Based on real experience, life experience …

Nah it’s just sort of Lord of the Rings type stuff.

Who should be the governor?

I think we should get rid of … I don’t know. I think we should just stick with Davis just ‘cause it’s too much of a pain in the butt to do the recall. It costs too much money.

What special talent do you have?

My techno music that I make. I got a Web site. It’s I’ve been doing it about a year.