You say it’s your birthday?

Like an alien running prop circles round the globe, all you see is my effects! Is your band going on tour this summer? Tell me at
Been talking a lot with “Z” of A.S. Programming, and his enthusiasm has got me excited about the new venue that the university will be opening soon. Not only that, but the A.S. is exploring the possibilities of the Harlen Adams Theater as a music/dance venue! It’s nice to see so many people working on new venues. The truth is bands just want to play, whether it’s in a basement, a kitchen, a taco shop or a back yard. Let’s hear it for anyone who tries to make a go of it in our fair town. I mean The Burro Room has reached legendary status, and that place was a tomb. Know your history, folks.

Met some friends at The Graduate the other night to watch the Kings game and get a Beef Hater sandwich and much to my surprise found myself at a table with some News & Review staffers. I won’t mention names here; suffice to say that The Graduate has to be the best place in town to watch a game. Every table was packed, the mood was festive and the beer was cold. Speaking of a CN&R spotting, has anyone seen the mural painted on the flipside of the newly installed bathrooms on the Children’s Park island? There is a classic scene painted of a band in the Downtown Park Plaza, and if my eyes are not deceiving me, it’s none other than our own John W. Young watching the musicians with his back turned to the viewer. OK, but why are children setting a fire in the park?

The Asskickers have a new CD out, featuring some of the funniest country western songs this side of Dr. Demento. Electric Circus is about to release its newest compilation of California soul. Esoteric has a new one out, as well as Oddman and Union of the Dead. As so many of the people I met from out of town have said of late, “Chico rocks!”

Well, I just turned 39, and there’s no escaping the big 4-0 now. Over the last few years my B-day has had Waco and the Oklahoma City bombing on the front page; this year I just want to remember that life is what you make it. Thank god for people like Danny West who prove that not everyone over 40 is too old to rock ‘n’ roll!