Take a walk on the wild side

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The 2001 Youth Poetry Slam Team is heading to compete in Ann Arbor, Mich., at the 2001 International Youth Poetry Slam. Ringleader Aaron Yamaguchi is bringing locals Tamikka Forbes, Jade Michael, Sara Mathews, John Freitas, Isaac Miller and Motorcycle John cross-country to show the world that Chico’s youth know how to speak out! You can catch the bon voyage party for the team at the Epicenter on April 1 at 6 p.m. with a free performance that will combine the wordplay with the theatrics of the fire-dancing Jungle Girl Crew, the newly wedded DJ Dare, the Word Groove collective and more. Come support this exciting and worthy venture.

It’s one more week till NXN, and I’ve got to tell you about a feature of the event that I find exciting. In the past two years during NXN, Chico State (under the stellar supervision of Professor Paul Friedlander) has brought an amazing array of speakers at the CSU Music Industry conference. This year it looks like NXN will be on its own to create an interesting forum. On Friday, April 6, at 6pm at The Senator Theater, Nadine Condon, who in the past had a musical festival in SF called Nadine’s Wild Weekend, will appear. Rock stars birthed from her event include Smashmouth and Counting Crows. Since that time Nadine has become a spokesperson and educator on the ins and outs of showbiz.

Then, on Saturday, April 7, same time and location, I have created an event called “Musically Incorrect.” Based on Bill Maher’s TV show, it will have locals the Asskickers playing live as panelists speak on various aspects of the world of music. Included are the mistress of moxie, Nadine Condon, Kevin Arnold (the creator of Noise Pop), Jerry Perry (Alive ‘n’ Kicking’s creator) and CSU music industry professor Joe Alexander. If you have any desire to find out what goes on behind the scenes in the “biz,” this is not to be missed.

Also on the hot tip, A.S. Presents has a great line-up of events for 2001, including the world sounds of Hanuman on April 6. The Brickworks is kicking serious ass with Oddman on April 5 and Floater on April 7 and 8. And, is it true that Aca Taco will have three days of rock soon? Yes, my friends, looks like Chico is on the up and up and up.