More Betty, less bitter

I’ve got more props than backstage at The Blue Room. What are you doing? Tell me at
A.S. Programming has started its noon concerts in the Free Speech Area again, and folks, there is nothing like a crisp spring afternoon of live music outdoors! I had the pleasure of seeing Chico’s West African hybrid band, Manding Djeli, play there and raise the feelings of community in the crowd with their 1,000-year-old melodies. Seems every time I see them they add new players that just make the sound more lush—and having added Jeff Pershing on bass and Dave Elke on rhythm and lead jazz guitar, they are one of my favorite new bands. So it should come as no wonder that I have chosen them to lead the opening ceremonies at the new Senator Theater tonight. Invoke the spirits, my friends!

Had my second delicious meal at The Humboldt Café, and while I keep mixing up my meals to sample the wide array of vegetarian cuisine, my wife is addicted to their sumptuous green chiliburgers. The Tropea Family knocked my socks off with a fresh veggie egg roll, mu shu vegies and setein, and to top it off a brownie with homemade vegetarian ice cream. Somebody should give these folks an award. If you haven’t visited their fine establishment on, you guessed it, Humboldt Avenue, go now and don’t wait. And if you go this Saturday you can see some of the ladies of NXN sing all pretty like.

Also this Saturday tickets go on sale for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers at Sac Valley on May 27th. What? DNA likes Tom Petty? I have to admit, I’ve seen good old Tom about 10 times now, and he puts on a show where you don’t feel cheated at the end. And the guy is just so goddamn weird and quirky that I’ve become a fan over the years.

I hope you all saved your program guides for NXN! One show that didn’t make it in the guide is this Friday, April 6, at Aca Taco, an all-ages event starting at 9 p.m. sharp with M. Headphone, Brad Brooks, Red Planet and Vegas De Milo. These are some of the hottest bands in S.F. right now, and you don’t want to miss it. Also at this show will be the vixen you have seen working at Lulu’s and PF126, Asia, and her new band that busts out the pop soul. Check it out!