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More props than Sierra Nevada has hops. If you don’t tell me, I have to make it up. DNA@shocking.com
Electric Circus has found a millennial groove, jamming out old favorites alongside new ditties now accompanied by a choir of lovely ladies who accent their unique sound some call “California Soul.” I think it unfair to paint Circus into the same corner as a band like Sunset Red, who, although playing to mostly sold-out shows, plays only several times a year. Circus differentiates itself by consistently playing shows all year long, building on its already established fan base and attracting newcomers who find the funk groove and rhythms infectious. With recently acquired management, Circus is cowboying up to embrace the world of opportunities awaiting them.

This level of professionalism is also being employed by cootdog and his debut solo CD. Never one to shy away from self-promotion, coot is putting Chico on the map by extensive touring and having a product that comes through well on vinyl as well as compact disc. Combining the talent of Shock-G, Ro-Lew and Empty Mind, the cootdog project is a smooth, high-end CD worth checking out! And, as if that weren’t enough, Coot’s band Mystic Roots is gearing up for its reggae 2001 tour.

The A.S. International Festival was a huge success well attended under a crystalline blue sky. During the course of Cuban, African and other worldly sounds, the head of A.S. events, Ajamu Lamumba (after shaking me around like a rag doll), came up with an idea that I agree could yield interesting results. “Let’s start a consortium of Chico promoters and insure that we’re always bringing the Chico community a positive experience,” were his words, and choice words they were. Please contact me if you are a local promoter interested in creating a greater whole, and let’s see of we can reach some common ground.

I seem to get interviewed by CSU students looking for an easy paper about a half-dozen times a year for the last 10 years. None of them have provided me with a copy of their report, as I have requested, but I’ve gotten to the point where I can anticipate their questions. "Why is the Chico music scene so small?" To which I reply, "Even in its alleged heyday, there was only really one or two clubs friendly to all new bands. There is actually more opportunity now then there ever was to play in public." Does this mean you have Easy Street to walk down? No, to wit, "Life is easy, getting gigs is hard."