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Pulling out the stops on the props at
Well, you missed it, but the Twilight Zone production at The Blue Room was another late-night success! Fueled by the twisted mind of Craig Blamer and a large crew of comics and comediennes, T-Zone honed in on its ability to make fun of the sometimes “all too serious” mood of Chico. And yes, that was actually an actor playing me, though the resemblance was uncanny (played by Cal Reese, you bastard). And just when you thought that it was safe to raise your head above the water, a new cable access show is about to premiere called Gravy Brain, daring to make fun of everyone in Chico! Though it’s too early to divulge who the early targets and recurring characters will be, it is right on to assume that nothing is sacred. About time someone exploited Chico’s rich arsenal of characters in a comedic vein. But bets are off on the rumor that Gravy Brain: The Musical will hit the stage of the Senator Theater during Xmas season.

What you haven’t missed is the rich variety of vegetarian cuisine at Café Sandino, aka The Shade Tree—started by Karen Goodwin in a classic Chico story of a local woman down to her last burrito who somehow let it ride into a nutritional and tasty bounty. The new owners have expanded the café, located on Main Street between Eighth and Ninth, to include a cool hand-built stage that might even harbor Dub Revolution as a house band. This will be a great addition to our town: good food and good music, owned by good folks. Choice!

Bob Tolar of Tolar Sounds will be willing his PA out again for the Ninth Annual Hump in the Park series that starts the second Wednesday in May. And for each week in May Chico’s own Manding Djeli will be kicking off the shows, to be followed by some of the best dance bands in town. Speaking of which, in the same vein as Jordhuga, Blue Dye Fire, Medicine Dog and other bands who moved to our fair city en masse, be on the lookout for jamband Moon Shine Blue, who just relocated straight out of San Jose.

And who can complain about the League of Women Voters wine tasting party that happened at the California Park Pavilion. Nothing like seeing 300 adults rushing around the various vineyards’ tasting booths like payday at the 99-cent store! Cheap booze still motivates this town despite the heady discussions on tolerance wafting through the headlines.