Wii Fit

It’s about time video-game makers put out a game that gets people who may not be inclined to join the dance revolution off the couch. Wii Fit, which comes with the Balance Board that can determine weight and movement, is a simple game that turns getting active into a fun competition. It’s like having a personal trainer and a cheering section while working out. I’ve had a lot of fun with this game and have even lost a couple of pounds in the process. Wii Fit starts by calculating information like height and age, then it weighs you and tells you how out of shape you really are. You can set weight-loss goals and choose exercises like push-ups and lunges or yoga and silly balance games like down-hill skiing. Your motivation is to always try to get the best score—you can compete against yourself or others in your house—and in doing so you are actually getting somewhat of a workout. I would recommend this game for people who aren’t comfortable going to the gym, and especially for kids, who don’t seem to go outside anymore.