Forget MySpace and Facebook. Instead of creating just one profile about yourself, you can create an entire Web site. The tools at Weebly make it possible. Create an account. Pick a background design. Drag and drop the elements you want onto the page. Fill in the content. The site allows you to publish on weebly.com, or choose your own already-established domain. The step-by-step creation makes it simple for those who are starters and know nothing about HTML. There’s no limit to how many different sites you can create or how large each site is. There’s also an option to create an accompanying blog to the site, and a Weebly site meter keeps track of traffic flow. The only downside is that after you’ve created a few sites, you want a little more variety. Also, for those who do know a little coding, there’s little room to apply it because you have to stick to what’s provided.