It’s all in Swedish, but don’t let that stop you. There are few words, and besides, it’s the photos that count. Click on “svenska dansband” (below the photo of the Gert Jonnys in matching dark pink-and-green pantsuits, and poofy ’70s coifs) for priceless photographs of obscure Swedish rock bands from the 1970s. These are bands you’ve never heard of with great hair and catchy names like the Cool Candys, the Inge Lindqvists and Norrlandspojkarna (whose matching sky-blue-and-maroon paisley shirts and bright green slacks are most impressive, especially next to the mustard-yellow-and-black outfit of Inger, the chick singer). Check out the Torlenners’ fantastic orange-and-black pantsuits. The Ingve Forssells opted not to wear matching pantsuits, choosing instead to don red, blue and yellow band T-shirts as they posed happily in front of their blue tour bus displaying two Swedish flags. Not to be overlooked is the site’s Eurobad ’74 section (click on “heminredning”) featuring “the worst interiors of 1974.” There are a number of gems, including: the kelly-green-ceilinged kitchen with attached horse stable, and the gaudy orange-and-brown-tiled bathroom picturing a young boy holding a schoolbag peeking up a woman’s skirt. Huh?