This handy site shows you “how to do just about everything.” Are you feeling bad about something you did and want to apologize, but don’t know exactly how to go about it? Click on the “Relationships & Family” section and go to “How to Apologize to a Friend.” The process is laid out in five clear, sensible steps. All of the how-to’s are rated according to difficulty. Apologizing is “moderately challenging.” “How to Accept an Apology,” though, is even more difficult—rated “challenging.” Find out “How to Apply for a Burning Man Art Grant,” “How to Annoy Your Upstairs Neighbor Without Getting Evicted” or “How to Attend Christmas Eve Mass at the Vatican.” More practical ones: “How to Attract Bluebirds,” “How to House-Train a Puppy” and “How to Make a Wheelbarrow.” Owners of long-haired dogs can turn the annoyance of shed hair stuck to the couch into a cause for rejoicing when they learn “How to Spin Yarn from Dog Hair.” For those who look fondly on the lost art of letter writing, there’s an entry called “How to Write a Love Letter”—only six “moderately easy” steps!