Encyclopedia Dramatica


Internet culture and Internet memes move at a fast pace—and if you are one of those people who have successfully found a job and moved out of your parents’ house it can be time consuming to keep track of every new l33t term or YouTube celebrity to hit the scene. That’s why Encyclopedia Dramatica is here. The Web site is run by folks who like to give long, picturesque explanations of anything that happens to be flooding the forums at 4chan, and poke vicious fun at any strange or otherwise vulnerable Internet presence that happens to be on the chopping block. It’s nice to have every bizarre, inappropriate, or just plain funny thing that has ever graced the Net all in one spot, and there are more than a few common forum trends that need to be taken down a notch. Essentially, Encyclopedia Dramatica is run by people well-versed in how to be a jerk on the Web, so be prepared for this Web site to offend you somehow.