Green and Save

People are always looking out for new tips and ideas about DIY home-improvement projects. Even if you rent, you can save on utilities, and your landlord might even thank you for improvements that add value to the home. Homeowners can save even more with simple projects that might take an afternoon to install. was created by a “green” architect who wanted a resource for people to remodel their homes in efficient, money-smart ways. In addition to tips like installing water-efficient toilets or a programmable thermostat, the ROI (return on investment) figure is computed for each project (50 percent return for the toilet, which pays for itself in about two years, and 156.5 percent return for the thermostat, which pays for itself in a little over six months). Home water-filtration systems are perhaps the biggest no-brainers of all, with an initial estimated investment of around $200, but an annual savings of at least $104. Plus, they pay for themselves in less than two years. Guess who takes your hard-earned cash every time you buy bottled water? Companies like Coca-Cola, who made $346 million off Dasani last year. Imagine what all that money could buy if people drank filtered water from their own taps, out of Klean Kanteens.