Peace, Love, Earth

L.A. eco-artist and clothing designer Anna Mkhitarian’s has a simple mission: To sell “eco-effective” jewelry that focuses on the words “peace,” “love” and “earth,” in the belief that the language we use affects the quality of our life and the world we live in. It’s an idea proven to be true by Japanese researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto’s ground-breaking study on the effect of language, thoughts and emotions on the structure of water molecules. Made sweatshop-free of recycled silver, Peace Love Earth necklaces feature a single word (“peace,” “love” or “earth”) on a chain, with or without accompanying charms representing those same words (a peace sign, of course, represents “peace,” and a heart “love”). At $150-$275, Mkhitarian’s necklaces might be a little pricey for some budgets (though a necklace “designed to inspire positive change” might be a better Christmas investment than an equally priced load of junk from your nearest big-box store). But check out her “Seven Wishes Bracelets,” inspired by traditional Armenian wish bracelets (read her instructions on how to make your wishes come true) for $30 each.