One day, when I was stumbling around on the Internet, I happened upon a site called GoodSearch. It’s a search engine that gives 50 percent of its revenue (about one penny for every search) to charities and local schools. It’s an easy way for anybody to give to charity—there’s no check-writing; all you need is the Internet. There are tons of different organizations to give to, from huge national and international nonprofits to small local charities. I personally give my little contribution to the Butte Humane Society, but there are a bunch of charities you can choose from locally—or add one that’s not on the list. You can even click a button to see how much each group has earned to date on the site. is powered by the Yahoo! search engine, so the results are very accurate. The only thing that’s difficult about this site is that it’s easy to get lost in the massive lists of different charities. But if you don’t mind looking around for a little while it’s definitely worth it. So the question is: Why not?