Zero Waste California

Sure, you recycle and try to buy products with less packaging, but do you really know how much you contribute to the growth of the ominous landfill? Zero Waste California has numerous links explaining how citizens, business owners and industry manufacturers can reduce waste, in addition to ideas for reusing and recycling. There are also some fun links that offer more than just photos of woodland creatures getting strangled by plastic rings from soda cans. “Vermi- composting” features an animated worm that talks to kids about compost topics, and you can take a “waste awareness quiz” to see how trash savvy your family really is. The link directs users to safe methods for disposing of electronic waste. Additionally, news links detail new bills and laws that aid in the reduction of waste in California, including AB 2449, which requires all grocery retailers and pharmacies with more than 10,000 square feet of retail space to provide facilities for recycling plastic bags on their premises. Next time you buy something that comes in a package, stop and think: Where is all that plastic, cardboard and aluminum going to end up after I’m done with it? Chances are there is a better option to just tossing your wrapper in the trash.