Select Smart

This site boasts more than 20,000 “selectors,” or questionnaires posted by different authors that help you determine such things as which dog is best suited for your lifestyle or what kind of bracelet is totally you. Categories include “Anime Selectors,” “Job & Career Selectors” and “Weird Selectors.” The “Dog Breed Selector” runs through numerous pertinent questions like “What size dog do you prefer?” and “Would you like a dog that is good with children?” before offering a list of the Top 10 dogs that are most appropriate for your needs. Under “Personality Selectors,” take a look at the “How Crazy Are You?” and the “Insects to Identify With” selectors. One of the more curious categories under “Music Selectors” is the “What Wagner Opera Do You Belong In?” Even stranger is the “Torture Method Selector” (“What Torture Method Would You Be?”) and the “What is your Inner Non-Sequitur?” selector (Question #21: “Do you think you’re ready for this jelly?” Huh??) The site is fun and informative, practical and bizarre. There’s even a “Random Selector” that offers a randomly chosen selector questionnaire to fill out.