Opt Out


Do unsolicited envelopes and fliers choking your mailbox leave you seething? In case you didn’t know, annoying (and potentially dangerous, if they fall into the wrong hands) “pre-approved” credit card offers can be blocked by visiting this fabulous Web site. “Identity theft” is the new fear-factor buzzword, and opting out is one smart, easy and environmentally friendly way to just say no to unsolicited mail. The Fair Credit Reporting Act allows consumer credit reporting companies to distribute your information to merchants who want to solicit you. It takes some initiative, but you can opt out electronically for five years using the Opt Out Prescreen Web site. If you want to permanently opt out, there is an online form that you print and mail. Another option for opting out is to visit the Direct Marketing Association Web site (www.dmachoice.org). This site allows you to choose the degree to which you will opt out—no unsolicited offers at all, or, you can choose to still accept coupons offers or mailers from select retailers of your choosing. Either way, you cut down on junk mail, which can save a forest, as well as your own peace of mind.