Uniting for restaurant workers

College community raises funds for employees displaced by fire

Chico State students and staff members came together to aid employees who lost their jobs after a fire swept through two downtown businesses.

The group called itself We Are Chico and asked for cash and food donations for the 85 people who worked at Tres Hombres and Mr. Pickles. Both downtown eateries caught fire early this month and will be shut down throughout the holiday season.

Larry Bassow, Chico State staff member and Greek adviser, said the fundraising effort was organized to make the next few months a little easier for those workers.

“At Chico State, we have raised money for causes all over the country and world—now we need to focus on our family of students, alums and friends who work across the street from campus,” Bassow said in a recent press release. For information on making a donation or helping with the fundraiser, call 521-0039 or e-mail <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">{ document.write(String.fromCharCode(60,97,32,104,114,101,102,61,34,109,97,105,108,116,111,58,119,101,97,114,101,99,104,105,99,111,64,103,109,97,105,108,46,99,111,109,34,62,119,101,97,114,101,99,104,105,99,111,64,103,109,97,105,108,46,99,111,109,60,47,97,62)) } </script>.