Medical marijuana collective shuts its doors

Numerous citations send the Red Bluff owners to court, where they agree to close shop

Just weeks after the CN&R’s report on the Tehama County Patients Collective in Red Bluff, the operation has shut its doors. In fact, when its lease is up at the end of the month, Mike and Dawn Jenkins will be closing for good. At least until the county comes up with a plan for where and when medical-marijuana collectives can operate.

The Jenkinses went to court Tuesday (Dec. 15) for the civil citations issued them by the sheriff’s department. Through some negotiation, they were able to get out of a temporary restraining order by willingly shutting down their operation.

The county’s moratorium on collectives will last about another eight months, at which point the couple hopes there will be some regulations in place. At Tuesday’s Red Bluff City Council meeting, a similar moratorium was placed on collectives operating within the city limits.

Meanwhile, supporters of an initiative to legalize marijuana in California say they’ve gathered enough signatures to put it on the 2010 ballot.

The Jenkinses time in court is not yet over. Dec. 29 they’re due to face 35 criminal citations that could mean fines and/or jail time. “We’re just taking it step by step and hoping common sense will prevail,” Mike Jenkins said.