Herger’s opponents lining up

A Democrat and a Republican both taking him on

The 2nd Congressional District race to unseat 23-year veteran Wally Herger is starting to take shape. Democrat James Reed, a Fall River Mills attorney, has declared his candidacy in the 2010 race, as has Republican Peter Stiglich, a 56-year-old retired Air Force colonel from the Redding area.

The CN&R has confirmed that neither Jeff Morris, the Trinity County supervisor who won the Democratic primary in 2008 but lost to Herger by a margin of 57-43 percent, nor John Jacobson, the businessman who was Morris’ opponent in the Democratic primary, will be running again.

Reed, 58, earlier this year declared for the state Senate but decided to run for Congress instead.

Reed said he believed “this is a time when [Herger] is particularly vulnerable,” largely because of the notoriety surrounding remarks he made during an August town-hall meeting in Redding (see “Wally’s world,” CN&R Nov. 5).

Stiglich (pictured) ran for the 2nd District Assembly seat in 2008, losing to Jim Nielsen in the primary. On his campaign Web site (ColonelPete4Congress.com) he calls himself a “proud Reagan conservative” and says he will fight for traditional values.