The Brothers Solomon

Rated 1.0

Wow. I haven’t seen such a bad movie in a long, long time. And the sad thing is, I’ve seen a lot of bad movies of late. Let’s just say if we had a little RIP-popcorn dude icon, I’d use it here. Written by Will Forte, The Brothers Solomon probably would have worked better as a three-minute sketch on SNL. The film stars two nitwit brothers, John and Dean Solomon (Will Arnett and Forte, respectively), who, after being raised in the Arctic have no clue how to court a woman. Their little problem comes to a head when their father (Lee Majors) slips into a coma and they find out his dying wish is to live to see his first grandchild. After a few failed attempts at finding a natural mother, the Solomon boys give up and turn to Craigslist to find a mommy for their baby. On the surface, the premise could work, at least superficially. But the Wills are just too over-the-top and play more like paper cutouts with big, goofy grins painted on their faces than actual people. It’s hard not to feel a little bad for the guys, because they work so very hard to make stupid into funny, without so much as one laugh in return.