Stuff You Should Know

Is knife-hunting the fairest way to hunt? Are there real-life fight clubs? What exactly happens if we run out of water? Why don’t we live underground? These are just the sort of questions Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant like to answer. Twice a week, the two writers for present their thoroughly researched and very entertaining answers and explanations for a wide range of interesting and/or ridiculous questions on their Stuff You Should Know podcast (available for free, including past episodes, on iTunes). On “Why do humans have body hair?” we learn that our hair helps regulate body temperature and protect us from the sun, We also learn the average adult has about 5 million individual hairs on their body—which is about the same density as a chimpanzee—and what the various theories are as to why we have hair in some places and not others (Was man once a water-dwelling creature?). In addition to giving thorough attention to all ideas and theories (scientific and crackpot)—the guys are funny. Their nerdy, yet quick sense of humor comes out via constant tangents: “Do you have a hairy back?” “Holy cow … I’m like a class 4, or Robin Williams-level of hairy.”