It’s “Your place to buy & sell all things handmade.” At, not only can you buy handmade goods from artisans around the world, you can also buy locally made items from such popular Chico clothing designers as Amber Bass (type in “renouveauclothing”), Chikoko’s Muir Hughes (“muirhughes”) and GreenDot Lounge (“GreenDotLounge”). Scroll down to “Shop Local,” enter the word “Chico” (or any other location) to see what’s available from that area. The numerous categories of goods offered include accessories, art, ceramics and pottery, jewelry, paper goods, plants and edibles, quilts and woodworking. There’s a vintage section, and a section called “Everything Else,” which includes “taxidermy” and “weird” (“Farting Filters Underwear”?) sub-categories. The “Geekery” section includes several robots and a small, ceramic octopus wall hanging (“The octopus is splashing in the ocean, doing just what octopi do,” advises the seller. “I really put a lot of effort in just to get the tentacles right.”) Check out the Editor’s Picks and the Etsy blog, where you can learn about new trends or how to plan a handmade wedding. And you can also sell your own stuff on Etsy, of course.