Women’s Voices for the Earth


Montana-based environmental group Women’s Voices for the Earth dedicates itself to “educat[ing] the public about the harmful effects of chemicals, particularly those that affect women, and provide them with the tools they need to protect themselves and effectively advocate for a healthy environment.” Chemical exposure in nail salons, carcinogens in baby bath products and hazardous chemicals in household cleaning products which can cause asthma and reproductive problems are some of the topics about which WVE goes into great detail on its site. Readers are shown how they can make a difference by doing such things as, say, sending a message to the FDA demanding that it release its (long overdue) findings of a study on the lead content of lipstick sold in the United States. An attractive, thorough PDF report on the environmental hazards of working in and frequenting nail salons is downloadable in both English and Vietnamese. A section on how to host a “Green Cleaning Party,” where guests make their own green household cleaners to take home, offers Green Cleaning Party Kits and recipes to make safe household cleaners, furniture polish, drain opener and laundry detergent from such common ingredients as baking soda, vinegar and essential oils.