Interview Project

In David Lynch’s own words (from the site’s intro), “Interview Project is a road trip where people have been found and interviewed. … The team found the people [while] driving along the roads, going into bars, going into, y’know, different locations—and there they were.” Over 70 days, the eccentric film director and his team drove 20,000 miles around the U.S. and came up with 121 short interviews. The first post went up June 1, and every three days for the next year, a new episode will be added. At press time, there were four interviews, beginning with Jess, whom the crew found on the side of the road in the California desert town of Needles: “He told us he was waiting for his trailer to be repaired so he could go live alone in the desert.” Jess is a veteran who hasn’t seen any of his family members for 15 years: “I ain’t proud of anything except just being alive … I’m 6-foot tall—so what?” Undoubtedly, the whole collection of interviews will be released on DVD someday, but the fun with the current episodic setup is the anticipation of the next person’s story. As Lynch sums up in the intro: “It’s something that’s human, and you can’t stay away from it.”