Reinventing the vehicle

Students build three-wheeler

A team of 11 Chico State engineering students received several awards for a three-wheeled, fully enclosed human-powered vehicle they built to compete in the annual Human Powered Vehicle (HPV) Challenge in mid-May at Montana State University, according to a university press release.

Ten mechanical-engineering students and one civil-engineering student worked together to design a fast, efficient HPV that could potentially replace gas-powered cars. The Chico State team’s “tadpole”-shaped vehicle (two wheels in the front and one in back) is rear-wheel-driven and front-steered—similar to last year’s entry. The utilitarian vehicle is equipped for all weather conditions, has ample storage space for groceries, and lights.

Chico State’s HPV team earned first place in the “speed endurance” event, second in the “utility endurance” event, and third place in the “male sprint” event. They were also given an award for their team spirit.